Quality of Our Leather

Remember, not all leather is the same!

We all agree that leather is fascinating. 

Shoes are one of those items that require the highest quality since they undergo the most wear and tear whether running behind a cab or walking miles in the Underground for your daily commute. Every year tens of new brands are opening labeling themselves as “genuine leather” shoes providers, but do you really get the value for your money and the grade of leather that you have been looking for?

How We Source Our Leather

Leather today has become an integral part of upscale and classy formal shoe making industry reflecting upon a luxurious and enviable lifestyle. Because of the importance of the right leather sourcing choice, Poyter has only a few selected leather suppliers that maintain credible ratings in terms of quality. These tanneries provide our craftsmen a variety of skins and hides attained both domestically and internationally.

Type of Leathers We Use

Leather is produced from animal hides. For the upper sole, we only use fine quality cowhide and calfskin for our formal men shoes. Our casual shoes are made from sheepskin suede, cowhide suede and reverse calf suede. Sued is split leather, obtained from the lower side of the skin, having the classic velour or suede effect.

Our quality leather soles are made from cuts of cow leather bends that have been tanned over long periods of time.

Sometime based on customer’s choice for example North of England that faces a long period of snowfall, we produce our dress shoes with leather soles and a rubber grip built in. It keeps the formal look of leather soled shoes while securing the grip on the ground.

The Quality of Leather Used in Poyter Shoes

Our outer leather is top grade clean calf skins “vellum” with tight break and creasing. Our shoes are made of either full grain leather or top grain leather which has not been buffed or sanded. These are types of breathable leather that has been minimally treated to keep natural imperfections intact that play into the beautiful aesthetic of shoe.

In addition, because this type of leather has not undergone harsh treatments, with proper care it has the ability to age well and last for years. This grade of leather is a strong material that will develop a wonderful patina as it ages and last for years with proper care.

The Leather We DO NOT Use

Never get deceived by a sales pitch offering “genuine leather”. In fact even the lowest grade leather obtained from an animal hide can be named as genuine leather. However, remember it is cheap to make and is your run of the mill, typical shoe in your local affordable shop and hundreds of online stores.

We never use bonded leather or PU leather because these are not the real leather, these are manmade leather.

We also do not use semi man-made leather board that is cheap to produce. Leather board has no natural fibre structure to ensure the integrity of its material.

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