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Made to Measure Shoes

Custom Fitting

Custom fitting for wide & thick feet

Goodyear Welted

All our shoes are goodyear welted

Hand Painted

Hand patina colour of your choice

Hand Made Leather Shoes

Affordable Luxury With Custom Fitting!

Create a Shoe as Unique as You!

Premium Quality Handcrafted Made to Measure Shoes

"Our insignia is our high-quality leather shoes stitched and hand finished by our skilled craftsmen, using only the very best hand-picked calf leather with the privilege of custom fitting for wide, thick, swollen or unusual foot shape and size"

Poyter is an emerging English footwear brand that has gained attention for their premium quality made to measure shoes. We specialise in hand finished, custom-made stitched leather shoes. Using our unique manufacturing technique, we are able to customise the size and create a pair of shoes that will fit comfortably no matter what your next steps are.


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Select colour, size, type of sole 


Global shipment available

Made to Order Leather Shoes - Affordable Luxury

Here at Poyter we believe in fair-trade. We work in proud partnership with skilled artisan shoemakers. Our mission is to support backstreet cordwainers in struggling communities through a sustainable and equitable relationship. We only use the finest quality calf leather, hand selected for its softness, fine grain and durability. All our shoes are hand-painted and hand-finished. We stitch using the Blake Stitch and Goodyear Welted sole construction techniques.

Size Matters!

Invest in Long-Lasting Comfort
Wide Foot Poyter Shoes

Mass-produced shoes only offer a limited fit with predefined length and width. Once you discover the comfort of bespoke shoes you will never want a pair of mass-produced shoes again.

A shoe’s fit is more crucial than you think, carrying you through a lifetime from one adventure to the next. Personalized confidence every step of the way. Invest in long lasting comfort that fits like a second skin.

Choose from our wide range of designs or even bring your own, we will create your dream shoe with the perfect fit.

Please send your requirements to hello@poyter.com

Support The Cause

poyter shoes
These are actual images of craftsmen that empower Poyter Shoes

We are a UK brand, combining vintage British designs with hundreds of years of international manufacturing heritage. Working in proud partnership with skilled artisan shoemakers, our mission is to support skilled craftsmen in struggling communities through a sustainable and equitable relationship. Our shoes are manufactured to the highest quality and ethical standards using the finest leather sourced both locally and internationally. Being made-to-order, each design can be customised, allowing you to create your own bespoke pair.

Our gifted shoemakers boast years of experience in making world-class made to measure shoes that are adored by a diverse audience. Our range includes men shoes, men boots, women shoes, and women boots. The outstanding blend of British designs and local talent has helped us to establish ourselves as one of the leading pioneers for made to measure shoes. 

As a company, we aim to provide the hidden, highly skilled artisan shoemakers with a means to showcase their talents and connect to international consumers, who seek quality hand-crafted leather shoes, at an affordable cost.  Continue reading …

Join The Winning Team

At Poyter, we are always on the lookout for talented craftsmen and backstreet shoemakers to join us!

We are a people’s brand, and that is one of many reasons why we are passionate about buying handmade. Supporting the people that work alongside us is at the heart of our mission.