Poyter Story

Poyter is a people’s brand. The company’s aim is to provide the hidden, highly skilled artisan shoemakers of Pakistan with a means to showcase their talents and connect to international consumers who seek quality hand-crafted, bespoke leather shoes at an affordable cost. Whilst the traditional handicraft of shoemaking has now been largely superseded by high volume industrial mass production, the demand for custom, made-to-measure shoes in the UK, USA and Europe is growing.

Our vast travel experience has allowed us to find the right manufacturing partners with the required expertise and only the highest quality and ethical standards. Our leather materials are sourced from centuries-old tanneries steeped in tradition. Our business model is centered around supporting these skilled workshops and craftsmen, who are often from struggling communities, through a sustainable and equitable relationship. 

Not only are you purchasing high quality, premium leather shoes, but you are helping to keep these traditions alive and supporting hard working people and their families. 

Products from our carefully selected partners are tested in our consumer trials process with a current average approval rating of 9.0 / 10 (within a trial sample of 100 independent participants over a 3-month period). Our product range, along with our list of testimonials is ever-growing. 

Poyter is not a mass production company. We do not hold a large product stock, as the majority of our orders are bespoke / customized for each client. Our products are not sold by any third-party resellers or High Street retailers and can only be purchased directly from our online store.

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