Leather, Dainite, Rubber & TPR Soles

Leather Shoe Sole

Leather soles as the name suggests are made of leather and are more elegant in look and feel. However, for walking comfort and grip based on our customers choice, leather soles can be mixed with rubber to help keep the shoes stable during walking. At Poyter the outsole is usually made of vegetable oak pit-tanned leather, which is particularly abrasion-resistant and waterproof.

Dainite Shoe Soles

The Dainite sole is one of the most elegant alternatives to a leather sole, with approximately the thickness of a double leather sole. A double leather sole is the traditional sole found on traditional country brogues. With the feet on the ground, there is visually little difference between a leather sole and a Dainite sole. Most of shoes at Poyter come with a choice of Dainite soles.

Rubber Shoe Soles

Casual, everyday wear shoes and work shoes are normally made out of natural rubber or polyurethane. Depending upon customer choice, we can do a 100% quality rubber sole for ease of walking or we can make your dress shoes featuring a leather sole in the front part of the shoe and a rubber sole in the heel for added traction.

TPR – Thermoplastic Rubber Shoe Soles

TPR is the most conventional and popular material for injecting the soles. At Poyter we use high quality thermoplastic rubber (TPR) instead of PVC rubber. The sole made of TPR is lighter in weight than PVC and has more elasticity and can bear the wear and tear of hard weather more elegantly.

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