Leather Shoe Patina Chart

At Poyter we use burnished leather and all our shoes are patina dyed. We can patina almost any colour you could think of, but most popular patina we use on our shoes are given below in the chart. When you buy a shoe from our website, you will be asked to pick a patina before ordering.

Generally speaking, the most popular colours of dress shoe are, black, brown, and burgundy (oxblood). In fact these three colours can go with majority of your suit colours including light gray, dark gray/charcoal, navy blue, brown, and black. Boots are normally preferred in either black or white. There is a much bigger variety of colours when it comes to casual leather shoes.

At Poyter, we provide a wide variety of shoe patina (colour) to our burnished calf leather. Below is a chart of most popular colours to choose from and you will need to pick one of these on the product page before check out process completes. If you have any other colour in your mind to choose from, you can put it in the special notes on the product page before placing the order or send us an email at We work with a wide variety of patina and in most of the cases, we would be able to fulfil the colour of your choice.

Patina Colours for Leather Shoes

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