Made to Measure Shoes

Hand Made to Measure Goodyear Welted Oxford Shoes for Men

With the privilege of custom fitting for wide, thick, swollen or unusual foot shape and size

For decades, Oxfords have stood for a unique blend of class, quality, and comfort. Where other types of shoes can struggle to fill and excel in one of these respects, the best Oxford shoes are able to touch all these points at once. They make use of premium quality leather and first-class traditional stitching to create shoes that are of the highest quality. These shoes are quite soft, due in part to their using authentic calfskin and cowhide in their construction.

Made to Order Oxford Shoes for Men

One of the truly singular things about Oxford shoes is that their style is both professional enough to fit with professional attire, while still being casual and comfortable enough to fit with casual chic attire. True Oxfords are always hand-crafted and hand painted, as these fine options are, which helps add to their sense of style and class. Adding to that is the fact that these Oxfords are made to order, ensuring that each pair fits its wearer like a glove. The best Oxfords tend to feature full leather lining and in-sole padding with a design evocative of the 1920s and 30s. Whether you opt for traditional black or brown full grain leather options or more offbeat multicolour versions, Oxfords have long been a staple of men and women’s shoe closets, and are set to remain that way.

The Return of The King
How Oxford Shoes are Making Their Comeback

The Oxford shoe has a long tradition in the world of both high fashion and casual wear, but this time it’s coming stronger than never before.

Since its first appearance in the 1800s, suave design and comfortable wear led it to become a trend among the British elite. Can we forget that its rise to fashion happened at Oxford University, after masses of students decided to rebel against the rather inhibiting design of knee-high boots? Like their origin, Oxfords are rebellious and classic, distinguished but artfully made to fulfil the wearer’s sense of comfort.

After this trend in fashion circumvented the globe, Oxfords managed to have a grand splendour in America, where they came to be known as “Balmorals”: a name bestowed to them by the common-folk of Ireland and Scotland who related the shoe to the lordship of Balmoral Castle. This regal aura never left the design of this highly comfortable accessory, which ended up becoming an all-time referent of elegance fit for both casual wear and social occasions.

Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, the Oxfords became a must-have for all types of professionals: from businessmen to intellectuals, the subtlety of the accessory made it flexible to wear with a wide-range of garments, be it suits and ties or tweed jackets. Although the range of designs was mostly oriented at men, the rising wave of women professionals led to an upsurge in demand for footwear that could accommodate to their career needs. Women started wearing Oxfords first to practice sports, but eventually they adopted them to career spaces as well. This trend even made its way to America, where their first female aviator, Amelia Earheart, was often photographed wearing a variety of Oxford shoes.

In more modern times, Oxford shoes became a trend across the globe, making presence with the boom of the smart-casual outfit as a professional standard for both the ladies and the blokes. However, the rise of fast fashion that started around the 1970s led to quite a massive decline in the quality of all wardrobes across the world. Prices went notoriously down, but at a large expense. The materials stopped being selected with proper care, and it soon became a norm to use poor-quality faux leather for the sake of profit. Added to this, the manufacturing industry turned towards high production standards which often neglected workers’ rights. Fake Oxfords appeared ubiquitously with rather low standards of durability, feel, and general quality.

Fortunately, these last few decades have announced the return of the king. There is no doubt whatsoever that real Oxfords are coming back. A new line of manufacturing, focused on the production of top standard accessories with respect of craftsmanship, is making its way to grant the new generations with a blow of sharpness and elegance.

That is the mission of Poyter: to pamper our clientele with high standard goods that give their respects to our heritage of style and tradition. Our branch of Oxfords is unique in the UK and every single one of our accessories is crafted in accordance to the measurements, shapes, and taste of our clients.

We’re all in for this comeback.