Handmade to Order Oxford Leather Shoes

Hand stitched, hand crafted, hand made full grain leather Oxford shoes. Buy online with confidence because all our shoes are made to measure created just for you to fit your exact foot shape with full refund guarantee.

Bespoke Made to Order Oxford Shoes

For decades, Oxfords have stood for a unique blend of class, quality, and comfort.

Where other types of shoes can struggle to fill and excel in one of these respects, the best Oxford shoes are able to touch all these points at once. They make use of premium quality leather and first-class hand stitching to create shoes that are of the highest quality. These shoes are quite soft, due in part to their using authentic calfskin and cowhide in their construction.

One of the truly singular things about Oxford shoes is that their style is both professional enough to fit with professional attire, while still being casual and comfortable enough to fit with casual chic attire. True Oxfords are always handmade and hand stitched, as these fine options are, which helps add to their sense of style and class.

Adding to that is the fact that these Oxfords are made to order, ensuring that each pair fits its wearer like a glove.

The best Oxfords tend to feature full leather lining and in-sole padding with a design evocative of the 1920s and 30s.

Whether you opt for traditional black or brown full grain leather options or more offbeat multicolour versions, Oxfords have long been a staple of men and women’s shoe closets, and are set to remain that way.


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