Hand Made Derby Leather Shoes

Hand made full grain leather Derby shoes. Quality with comfort. Buy online with confidence because all our shoes are made to measure created just for you to fit your exact foot shape with full refund guarantee.

Bespoke Derby Leather Shoes

In contrast with Oxfords, Derby shoes tend to feature open lacing in their designs. As such, you’ll want to look for Derbies that take advantage of that design feature and offer open lacing and toes that are traditionally more open than Oxfords.

Derbies can make use of either leather or suede, and there are upsides to both.

The derbies here, which feature premium quality leather, have an undeniable sense of class about them. Like Oxfords, they evoke the Interwar Period and are, thus, perfect for those looking to pull off a more classic appearance. By contrast, suede derbies tend to look a bit more modern.

These shoes are quite soft, a fact aided by their use of calfskin and cowhide.

Whichever option you opt for, one thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that the best Derbies are hand made and hand stitched. This gives each pair a bespoke look, which is only enhanced by the fact that each pair is made to order, allowing for an even greater degree of uniqueness.

Take care to review the different full grain leather and suede options available and choose the one that’s uniquely suited to your sense of style.


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