Handmade to Order Women's Leather Boots

Premium quality, full grain, hand made leather boots for women. The quality you can trust. Buy online with confidence because all our shoes are made to measure created just for you to fit your exact foot shape with full refund guarantee.

Bespoke Women’s Leather Boots

Few elements of modern fashion are more celebrated and sacrosanct than women’s boots. For millions across the globe, they are one of the true pinnacles of haute couture. You need a pair of impeccable, elegant, world-conquering boots in your wardrobe – and these elegant full grain leather offerings are perfectly suited to the task.

Each pair is made to order, ensuring that you can (quelle surprise!) get a pair that actually fits. What’s more, they are hand made and hand stitched, adding customisation options and further ensuring that each pair fits its wearer like a glove.

The cowhide used in each pair’s construction ensures its versatility and longevity, while the calfskin provides a silky smooth feel that’s second to none. Speaking of which, each boot boasts first-rate premium quality leather.

All in all, these boots are the perfect blend of high-end fashion and premium comfort, resulting in shoes that feel as good as they look – and that’s saying something.


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