Handmade to Order Casual Leather Shoes

Finding footwear that’s both fashionable enough to make a statement while being comfortable and low key enough to qualify as “casual” can be more difficult than you might think. Thankfully, these lovely made to order, full grain leather options make such a balancing act look easy. Buy online with confidence because all our shoes are made to measure created just for you to fit your exact foot shape with full refund guarantee.

How Our Casual Leather Shoes Are Different?

They make use of both calfskin and cowhide to create an aura of style and comfort, with premium quality leather and leather lining being used in the upper and middle parts of the shoe. The soles, meanwhile, make use of a blend of leather, rubber, and danite, making for shoes that feature dual intensity and a more comfortable walking experience.

What’s more, the stitching and composition of each pair is impeccable. That is because each pair is hand made, hand stitched, and made to order, ensuring a high degree of customisation, quality, and care in each pair.

For casual leather shoes with a high-class twist, these are a fantastic high-end option.

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